• He said "why wont you just talk to me anymore?"
    she said "because when i do you don't understand!!"
    here we go again
    just like last time
    she ran up to her room
    she slamed the door, locked it, and fell to the floor
    she couldnt stop crying
    she felt like her heart was ripped apart over and over
    why does he keep doing this to her?
    this had been happening since she was 10
    he ran after her
    he tried to open the door
    but its locked
    what a surprise!?
    he didnt know what to do anymore
    he wanted to understand
    but shes was right
    he felt like she wasnt his little girl anymore
    "NO! I'M LEAVING!"
    she already had her stuff packed
    she unlocked the door and brushed past her father
    she ran out into the open night sky
    for the last time she ran away
    he didn't even bother trying to follow her this time!
    it was much too late...
    to try to take everything back...