• The time has come for a new revolution. One that does not seek to bring one
    sided justice and seperation, but exact opposite. A revolution of everything the
    governments of the world does not expect, not of war or rebellion, but a harmony of
    soul and spirit. Every law, fact, freedom, teaching, or discovery, all of it is a
    lie. Every conspiracy is a lie, every bit of evidence proving the outline of our
    very fragile and delicate human existance is also a lie. Everything that we know, is
    a shield, to protect us from the truth. The truth about who and what we are, what
    they don't want us to know. It is to control us and manipulate us so we may not
    discover this very truth. What is beneath this flesh and bone, and what is really in
    your heart and souls. The time is coming where everything will be revealed, and it
    is not the end, but only the beginning of our true existance. It is up to us to turn
    away from our sheltered and insignificant fate of being mislead by the world any
    longer. The new generation is upon us, and with it brings the age of a higher
    consciousness. The age of awakening...

    We are all interconnected to a vast and divine vibration or energy. If you wish to
    call this entity God, beautiful, as that is an all encompassing term that most of us
    refer to, usually if we don't study it even before we take our last breath, we think
    about going to a better place and having more peace than we ever have before. That
    is basic, but what is hidden and secret, is far more complex. God is much more
    friendly than you may think. As a matter of fact, God is not male or female, but it.
    God is everything that we could never begin to imagine. Based on the written version
    of him, there are very many guidelines and rules most of us don't follow on a daily
    basis. But even all of the religions and spiritualists out there point to one
    enormous positive force, claiming it to drive and orchestrate the universe the way
    it should. Everything has an equal and opposite reaction, and so does God. There is
    many rules and laws indicating Karma and they are correct, and most people wonder
    why they might lose this divine instruction if they gain it, or if they have never
    felt it they simply doubt it with "proof", written and created by mostly people
    working in the government. They want to herd us like cattle and work us to death, to
    keep us connecting to this divine energy. But the universe is evolving so rapidly,
    it is impossible to see the affects in the world now. Humanity has come as far as
    they possibly can physically, and mentally, but what is left? Are we going to be
    this way forever? No, the answer is spirituality is now the gears turning in our
    lives since we have reached the point where we have morals, and recognize the good
    from the bad. We all have an inner intuition whether we precieve something as good
    or bad. And the more a greater mass of people make good choices, we start turning
    the wheels of spiritual evolution.

    Everyone is connected to a line of spirituality, the greatest principle backing this
    is that everyone needs to completely and totally love. Unconditionally love. When
    people start ascending to this vibration, they are now at a higher frequency, they
    are turning on a signal and God is running through their line of spirituality
    intensely. The governments and laws of this world have put everyone into categories,
    seperating us totally from this ever being possible. When we are categorizing and
    judging others, we are closing ourselves off from the peace god gives us for loving
    each other unconditionally. We are a selfish generation only seeking love and
    mistaking it for lust, which has been also marketed and clearly represents most
    people in this day and age. Hell even I'm not cut off from this either, I love sex.

    But there are definately two ways of having sex, one which is pure unconditional
    love, this automatically brings us to God's vibration because two souls are
    intermingling in what was originally created for us to enjoy. And there is also lust
    when people give up searching for true love, because they think its only possible
    through a soul mate. Well obviously how hard is it going to be to find two people
    who believe in this same concept of pure unconditional love, usually one is always
    lusting because of the way they have precieved the world around them and are baised
    usually toward what the government wants us to be manipulated towards. A soul mate
    by definition is usually going to mean, someone you love unconditionally, with all
    your heart.

    But beyond purely sex, people are definately connected to this higher vibration, and
    have more peace and joy living their daily lives and never have to worry about
    obtaining something to satisfy their flesh. God wants us all to be happy. It wants
    us to realize its here for all of us, he does not hate or categorize people like the
    government or people do. It is far to large of a scale to even imagine God would
    toss us away because of a simple human action. In Gods universe, everything has a
    purpose, everything happens for a reason. To eventually bring us to the truth that
    here is this vibration I'm referring to. Love. Harmony with the universe, with each
    other. If not even everyone but many could believe in pure love, in this force that
    we are all interconnected to and not believe so much in the complex and intricate
    design of human things, we would start the new evolution of mankind, overcoming the
    government and the hate. There is no ignorance, only being misinformed.

    Think about this, and try to Love.

    God is Love. Love is Harmony. Harmony is Peace.