• the day will not be forgotten
    he came with news of sorrow
    he watched her die on that bed
    you could say it was ment to be
    or u could say she was...well family

    the cries in the room echoed to the neighbors
    the street was at its grayest
    the grass was dead with her
    the weeping wallows seemed more deppressed

    her name said it all
    she was a joy to be around
    a joy....a joy

    we all remember her hugs and smiles
    they were full of love and no one can buy them
    her laughter she had even when death was nearing
    how to explain her kisses u ask?
    well the angels cannot touch you in a better way

    the hole in my heart still remains
    no psychiatrist nor gift can heal it
    this hole will stay day to day
    this hole in memory of her

    some may say it was right before christmas
    some may say it was right before i could say;
    i love mommy and ill miss you till i join u

    the world stopped for me on that day
    December 20th
    the moon was full but still half hearted
    the stars sparkled but with a slim dullness
    on that day....it all went away

    now i stand here wondering.....
    what a life i have
    as helen keller would say;
    when one door closes another door opens
    how right she is

    joy died joy died
    both in our hearts and outside
    joy died joy died they cried
    but all i could say was...
    mommy died...