• " General our troops are losing this war." - Sergeant

    " We can't fall back now! Our men are in the middle of this war..." - General

    "I... don't understand sir! You.. would even sacrafice your own damn men to win a war!" - Sergenant

    *General hits table with hand*

    "Go tell the men to fight their hardest.... they won't survive this.. for long.." - General George

    "They are going to die sir!!!!" - Sergerant

    " Are you disobeying a direct order Sergerant!?" - General

    "No... sir..."- Sergerant

    * Door opens President Roosevelt enters*

    "Mr.President sir... I... Didn't know you were coming.." - General

    " Well you should really expect more for an President to come to his own meeting wouldn't you think so?" - President

    " Well Staff.... We know that the Japanese and the Germans are doing good so far... It is affecting the United States... Any ideas what to do so we do not lose the faith in the countrys we told we would protect and the men that are fighting for us..." - President

    *A man raises his hand*

    "I think we should send them reinforcement sir" - Captain

    *President Roosevelt says part of a word but interrupted by a general*

    "We've already sent as much men as they need for help... We need to be focus about our enemies less then our men!" - General (2)

    "How can you not care about these men!!!" Captain

    " Oh Shut up you stupid fool!" - General(2)

    "SILENCE!" - President

    " We need to be focus about everything thats happening right now! The people of our country need us now then ever. " - President

    "What about Pearl Harbor sir?" - Captain (2)

    "Pearl Harbor? They already have several ships and 1-3 thousand men there, They need no help"- General

    "I think they do, They don't know if the Japanese would ever attack them, they are a huge risk for us... If we lose Pearl Harbor... We lose a big part of our chances to win" - Judge

    " We will continue this meeting tomorrow..." - President

    * The next day Pearl Harbor was hit and destoryed... *

    * The captain's look at the Generals faces with Hate...*

    " Look what happen'd now! I told you!! Those men are drowning and already walking the steps to heaven! You filty basturd!" - Captain

    " I didn't think they would!! *Sighs..*" - General

    *The angry men were shouting, blaming each other that they hadn't listen..*

    *President gets up out of wheelchair*

    *Everyone looks and tries to help him stand up, He says sit*

    " Anything is possible.... We just didn't know that it was going to happen... We will win this war... " - President