• I am telling this as narrator, so don't get confused.
    One day a girl met a boy. She spent a few minutes with him, and realized she loved im. Not bf/gf love, taht may have happened later, had the girl not messed up. It was brother/sister love that filled her heart. Everytime he got on, anytime she thought of him her heart raced, and she had trouble breathing. She kept seeing him, and the more she was around him, the more love she felt for him. One day they were talking. One of her friends she hadn't seen in awhile interuppted. he left immediatly. An hour or two later she was with one of her friends in the towns. The boy was also with one of his friends. Soon the girls friend left. The boy decided to talk to the girl, and they had a minor argument. She told him to shut up, and that she was mad at him. He just muttered something about being like all the other people in the world, and moved to a different place. His friend screamed at the girl, only making it worse. now every time the Girl thinks or talks about she hurts and aches. She wants to cry and gets this strange burning sense in her stomache, because from the moment they got into the argument, she knew it was over. She desperatly needs help. She is sad and lonely.
    Remember I was acting as narrator.