• he jumped in his car.leaving me in this endless place.i thought,when he was rubbing up agents my neek he was smelling me.when he asked me to go here with him he was getting me alone to kill me.this place it all made scents.the rock was so he could hurt me easier.the creek was to wash my corps down.
    how was i sopost to convince him not to kill me?how was i going to get in side his head.
    i wanted to say i told you so to her but,i cant tell anyone.
    maybe i will just give up.my life was never expected to be much.maybe it not worth it.
    i was finely in town.the beach was the most calm place.i ran to my house grabbing my towel.i ran back to the beach.it was misty an perfect.the sun warmed the cold parts of my extremely off balance body.my hair ran down my back(the middle of my back).an my bangs where in my eyes.off to the side of my face.i put the towel on the gowned.i put my toes in the sand.i rad my fingers throw my dark brown hair.i put my hair in a pony tail.making sure no sand would get in my hair.i lied down on the towel.
    i tried to relax.i couldn't.my body was shaking,my head was spinning.the image of his redish
    brown hair in his face.his eyes glowing red.his teeth longer then ever.
    i shut my eyes.for a min. or 2.i twitched.i opened my eyes.
    when i opened my eyes he was in my face."hi!"he said.my face burnt hot.
    "um hi"i said."well...did you figure out how not to be food."he asked,smiling.a bright awesome smile.
    "er..no"i said sacredly.

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