• I listen I hear what u say...dose it make any sense all this hatred that u posses. Your poor little heart how much suffering will u give it.
    Is it possible to hate this much...?
    What do u seek what do u yearn...?
    What is it you want in life...? Make suffer.. make us miserable with our own company to keep ..When will we break free from this cage... When u finally LEAVE.
    We have been in your chapter long enough its time to make our own chapter full of happiness, joy, love..Something you could never give.
    Is this what we deserve can we break free from this chains of never ending agony that u have gotten us into ...
    We are tired of this life, you have pushed us to our limit We cant stand any more of your hatred, selfishness and arrogance. We want to break free... wait and see time will be at my side.

    from: Sara