• Mistakes, we all make mistakes but do u think it is 2 late to apologize to that person, wat if u are mad at some 1 but u are really not mad, u just want to show that person that u are mad or u just want 2 show people u are mad and ur friend moves, won't u feel bad that u should apologize.It is never 2 late 2 correct ur mistakes, there are some mistakes that after u do them u forget bout it but there are some where u remember it later in the future, 4 example there is a boy his mom is sick and he traveled wit his dad and sis to another country, his said some bad things 2 his mom but he really did not mean it, after 2 yrs when he was in another country his mom died but he never got a chance to tell her that he was sorry and he never meant it, now every time he remembers it he feel sad, he calls himself a fool and he hurts himself, he wishes he was the 1 that died instead of his mom. Take that example and please don't forget to apologize to those that u have made them mad.

    By Jolly sunday heart heart heart heart