• ”Death would be a light punishment for you…”

    She woke with a start, gasping for air. Her lungs burned and screamed from lack of oxygen. She coughed and rolled over onto her side. The ground was cold underneath her exposed flesh. She recoiled quickly as a rat scampered in front of her. Blue eyes followed the small creature in both awe and fear. Never before had she seen such a creature. Just as her curiosity sparked, a gust of wind rushed past and smothered it out. She shuddered and wrapped her arms around her body, trying to keep her warm. Her dress was shredded and the night’s cold air was quite unforgiving.

    She felt tears well up in her eyes as she stared out into a dirty alleyway. She remembered her fate, condemned to death for treason. She remembered not being allowed the sweet silence of hell but instead thrown into this world where she was now a mere mortal. She wept silently for her loss, her shoulders bobbing up and down in her sadness. A terrified squeal resounded through the desolate area and she jumped, making a small noise of her own. Her eyes grew wide as that same rat she had seen earlier tried to flee an unknown enemy. A thick trail of blood followed, betraying its hiding place.

    A warm tingling sensation spread across her limbs and suddenly nothing was more interesting than the crimson liquid that stained the ground. Her eyes flickered to a honey-brown and her lip curled up in a snarl. She blinked, having been torn from this sick reverie and she stood up with such a force that drove her back straight into a brick wall. She winced as pain enveloped her body. She stared down at her hands which had now ten perfectly sharp claw-like nails.

    “What am I?”

    Her posture was extremely rigid as she pushed herself away from the wall. She stood still for a moment, her whole mind swimming with images of her past life. Sullen eyes looked out to the opening of the alley and even her bones seemed to grow tired. Her eyes had faded back to their normal aqua colour and she dusted herself off, straightening herself; earning a couple generous cracks of her spine. She cleared her throat lightly and began to walk towards the light up ahead. She squinted and brought a hand up to shield her eyes to keep from being blinded. She stopped abruptly when she saw a human man walking towards her location. Panic rose up in her throat and she quickly swept back down the alley. Her attempt to avoid confrontation was futile for the man yelled something she could not make out. She stared at the opening with mild fear as his silhouette was seen. That fear boiled up inside her as three more materialized.

    She clutched at her dress frantically, desperately trying to cover herself up. She saw the look on their faces, the hunger in their eyes and it made her writhe inside. She felt dirty standing there like some whore. Her eyes stung once more and she took two meager steps backwards. Amused laughs echoed towards her ears as the mob of men stepped into the alley. There was a small glint of light in one of the taller men’s hands and she stopped in wonder. Humans could retain magic? That thought was crushed as the shape of a knife stood stark in its own reflection. She made a small noise in the back of her throat and turned on her heel to run the other way. Her strides were long and quick, her body moving and twisting around objects that littered the ground. She screamed as her hands met something solid. It was a dead end. Who made halls with only an entrance but no exit? She beat the wall with her fists and tears rolled down her cheeks. She spun to press her back against it, the men now only ten feet from her.

    “P-p…please don’t hurt me.” Her voice was soft and smooth like silk. The man with the knife came close enough to run the knife over a tattered edge of her dress. She shuddered, making him smile. His hand jerked sideways and she gasped as it ripped through the thin material of her dress. It fell open, exposing her navel and right hip bone. She tried to cover it but the man pointed the knife at her face. She froze.

    Suddenly the immense feeling of anger and hatred welled up inside her. How dare they treat her like some kind of trash? That anger clouded her mind and her eyes fogged over. The man, too occupied in viewing the expanse of silky smooth skin, did not notice the sudden change. His friends did however and they began to back away slowly, the looks of lust turned to that of caution and confusion. With a cry of rage she dove at the male before her. Everything went black for a moment. She woke again and hissed in pain for her entire body pulsed. Her muscles twitched and her head felt as if it would explode.

    “A…dream?” She felt bile rise up in her throat as she realized it was no dream. Before her was the remains of the man who held the knife to her. His eyes were wide and unseeing. His throat was torn open at the jugular, the blood still flowing out smoothly.

    “What have I done?” She touched her lips and looked down at her hand. To her dismay it was coated in blood. Her tongue tingled in satisfaction and she did the only thing that came to mind. She screamed.

    "There is no strength in the hunger he possesses... and the will behind his power is a primal thing. And it devours him as he devours others—his mere presence kills all around him, slowly, feeding him. He is already dead, it is simply a question of how many he kills before he falls.

    Mortals crowded the streets as their means of tranportation were halted. Barracade were set, around the treet of this abandon building. countless number of police were surounding the 12 story building, as a helicopter flew around the building, encircling the building. From the south end of the build, two armored swat trucks were seen roaming in the streets, as ther sirens halt pedestrain traffic, as they stopped behinded the building. The backs of the trucks opened as 15 heaviy armed men rushed out of each truck. Two of the men carried a battle ram, as they rushed toward a stain steeled door. With a couple hits at the door, the door was busted openned and the men rushed in.

    "It is not they who hunt me..... It is I who hunt them.

    As the men rushed in the building, the lights were out, as nothing could be heard but the foot steps of the mortals rushing in the building. As all of them entered the building, the metal door slammed shut by itself. Now completely in darkness, even the windows were cover with thick marterail, keeping the light out. As the mortal rushed, in the building, well equipped with flashlghts so they knew were they were stepping. they came across a stair well. One stayed down and guard the stair well, just in case someone they were chasing would come down. As the lonely man stood there, with a high powered rifle in his hand, loud thuding and shattering noises could be heard on the floor he was on.
    Walking away from his post, he walked towards a door and slowly openned it. He scanned the room as he slowly walked in. Taking steps with caution, the man look around the room and saw nothing but shattered debris from dusty objects and collasped booksevles.

    As the sighed and reached for his walkie talkie hearing chatter, two glewwing blue eyes stood behind him, as a light snarling sound could be heard in his ear. With the man try to turn around, before he could even turn his head, a shadowy arm torn through his vest and clothing, also pericing through the flesh of the man. Shattering three ribs on his leftside. As the hand burrowed out his frontside, blood stain the arm and dretched on the man's clothing. In the mysterious hand a heart was in it's grasped as the heart's pusle slowly dyed down. As the arm pulled back with heart, still in ti's grasp, the man gaspped for air, but it was no use for him. The body fall to the ground, head first.
    The shadowy figure looked at the heart as blood gushed out of the heart, and ran down his fingers as a puddle grew in his palm. The showy figure pulled his head back to the side, as he snarled. Leaning his head back owards the heart, with striking motion as his mouth was openned. Using his hand to press the hreat even more into hismouth, there was hardly nothing lefted of the heart. Blood trailed down on his chin and around his mouth, his tongue lick the around his lips slowly, as the glewwing blue orbs began to dim alittle bit.

    Throwing the remains of the hearts on the now dead man,the shadowy figure walked out the dark room, leaving trails of blood drippingoff his arm still. Walking towards the metal door, openning the door, as light flashed throuh the building, blinding man, as his eyes slowly adjust to the light. Walking out the dark building, he walked down the steps as this part of the building seem to be not guarded. Walking into the street, he walked up towards a ally way were he seen a group of mortal fleeing from that location.

    As they seen a blue haired man, walking in he ally, they spotted his blood right arm and hasitated even more and got on there knees and started crying out to him. sighing, the man walk past those foolish mortals were a waste of time to, tourment. Still walking in the ally as it look as it was a deead, he was beggining to turn back around, until the scent of blood caught his attention. Walking towards the wall, he a body a man, just standing stiff, but also heheard breathing of a female. Walking closer, about 5 feet away and getting, closer.

    As he took his last step, he stood on the side of the man, but heard him gasping as his eyes glance at his throat. It was torn. His eyes then glanced at a female with bloody hands, he could already tell that this female had down and wasn't a normal mortal, as he looked unto her eyes, he scared emotions. Could she handle the death of others? Chuckling, he raised hi right arm towards his mouth, as his tongue, slowly lick the blood off his arm. Stopping he looked back at female.

    "What are you waiting for ? Finish him.

    He said with a stern and calm tone. His cobalt hues flickered as they were fixed, looking unto the females eyes. Was afraid of what she did to the vermin, or couldn't she handle thought of killing other? The female shook her head.
    "No" she said with a soft tone. Looking unto her eyes, the man wached as they shook. The man's arms wrapped around the mortal man's neck, with his right hand reaching out towards the mortal's cheek, gently caressing it in a seductive way.. His head leaned towards the side of the mortal's face as his lips gently pressed on the mortal's cheek. His tongue trailed up the cold skin of the mortal as he did one lick upwards once, pulling back form the side of the mortal with his arms, resting around the neck of the mortal. Turning his head, looking back at the female, his cobalt hues flickered once more, giving out a crimson glew.

    "If you can't finsh him...."

    A low beastly like growl acked out his throat.

    "Then I will..."

    His head leaned towards the mortal's neck in a striking haste. His fangs dug into the mortal's neck, tearing through the skin. Blood splated on the wall and somoe on the female. The man kept tearing through the flesh of the mortal as the flesh on the mortals neeck seem to demenish. Pulling away completely from the mortal, releasing his grip from it, the body fell on the ground. The breathed heavily. His face was covered in blood as it seem like a red mask on his face. He look back at the female.

    {To be continued.}