• Dear God, I'm in a mental thunder storm. I'm just a young, fragile child with nobody to love. Nobody notices the ribs extruding from my chest. My big brown eye's are full of emotion my smile is bright. I keep the anger and fear tucked into my head. An innocent child who has done nothing wrong but has been imprisoned in the house with no escape. My salty tears run down my cheek leaving a wet trail as they fall from my face.

    Locked in my room for hours every day with no food or entertainment. The bed is large, I look like a small toy while I lay in it. The room is bland, all white. There is no excitement, no toy bin, nothing but a lonely child. Looking at it you would not think it was a kid's room. I never get any company in here. I spend most of my time looking through the window. The window is my enemy, I can see freedom through it but it blocks my path. The green forest is so full of life. On special occasions I will see the birds nesting in the trees. The mother flies away telling her children to be quiet so that they would not be found. She would be gone so long that I did not think she made it alive but after a few hours the babies would sing their beautiful songs with excitement. The fluffy creatures would bounce around the nest chirping for their mother to feed them. She would satisfy their need with a delicious bug. I dream of being a bird sometimes. I can fly wherever I want, eat when I want, and I would always have somebody to protect me. When the birds grow up, they leave, I am alone again.

    Night has arrived in my room. The darkness is heavy. The only light is coming from the moon. I stare up at the ceiling when I hear a growl. It sounds like a Lion right before they charge at an unsuspecting Gazelle. I sit up looking around for the source. I hear it again, this time is closer. I am confused and scared. I hear the noise again but I realize that my stomach is responsible, I'm just hungry. I walk over to the door and put my hands out like a blind man, searching for the door knob. I put my hand onto the cold metal knob and try to turn it, I soon find out that it is locked. The lock is on the outside of the door, to keep me in my room. The anger rises up to my face and I wonder why am I treated like an animal by my own parents. I stand there puzzled, thinking of a way out. I look at my tiny hands with long finger-nails and I get an idea. I use my finger-nail as a key, I smile as the door slowly creaks open. I look across the hall at the closed door of my parents room.

    I felt like I was escaping Alcatraz Island. I slowly tip-toe to the kitchen, looking around for the security guards hoping I don't feel a hot bullet in my back. The floor is slippery from the recent cleaning. I grab the refrigerator handle and I pull back with all my strength. The light blinds be as my pupils contract. My body fills up with excitement as I look into the refrigerator, even though it is almost empty. I reach in and I grab a brownie. I put it in my mouth and I smile as I chew on the soft brownie. My mouth waters with joy. Nothing can can end this moment, until I hear a door open. I am frozen in fear as the foot steps of the sleepy bear come closer and closer. I am a deer caught in headlights. The bear sees me and her glowing red eyes makes me want to feint. She grabs me with her giant claws and lifts me into the air. I gasp for air, my legs kicking around. I try to pry her hands off of my neck but I am too weak. When I am about to lose consciousness she drops me. I fall the the ground like a rag doll. I land on my back and I lay there. The bear looks at me with no remorse and continues to beat on my, with a smile. My face is a mix of red and purple. I call out for help but nobody is listening. She gets bored of me and returns to her cave. I lay there still in shock. I am in so much pain that I cannot cry. I crawl back to my room and get on my bed. My pillow is stained with blood, I surely will be punished for it. I close my eyes and sleep, waiting for it all to start over in the morning.