• Renaiku: Hey isn't that the zomg elite clan.

    Zack: Hey it is.

    Renaiku: Hey guys i heard you are like one of the coolest clans in zomg. Can i join.

    Zomgelite member: uhhhhh I don't know first you have to prove your skills and help us fight Omgwtf.

    Renaiku: ok. this will be a breeze.

    Zack: I dont know you only have a overall of 2.7and mines is only 2.8.

    Renaiku: this guys will help us.

    they went to dead man pass to fight the omgwtf.

    Renaiku: there is the omgwtf ok guys ready.

    Zack: umm renaiku they left.

    Renaiku: Oh $h1t.

    they were dazed and returned to bill ranch.

    Zack: i knew it was something funny about those guys.

    Renaiku: Awww and i really wanted yo be in a clan. crying

    Zack: ..... Rneaiku we got the best clan ever me and you.

    Renaiku: he. your right you and me are the best clan. biggrin

    The END crying