• Every day, when I'd walk home from school, I'd see a beautiful little blonde girl waiting for her ride. My eyes would linger even after I walked past her, and my imagination would shift into an explicit place.

    One day, I was approached by a small hispanic girl named Jenny. She handed me a note that read:
    I'm far too afraid to say this in person,
    but I think I love you. I've watched you walk past me everyday now since the beginnig of the school year and I can't get you off my mind. If you would consider givng me a chance, my number is:XXX-XXXX
    Love- Madison

    I stared at the letter, in awe that someone was so infatuated with me. "Um... who is Madison?" I asked Jenny, who stayed to receive a response to the letter.

    "She's the short blonde girl that waits in front of the school for her car every day." Jenny replied

    I told Jenny to tell Madison that I was indeed interested in her and would love to talk with her. I said that I would call her at 7:00 that evening.

    The time arrived and I called up the beautiful blonde girl by the name of Madison. She answered and we talked for hours. We covered all the basic things you ask people that you want to date: What kind of music do you like? What are your interests? etc.then, after the small talk boiled down into a more serious discussion, we desided to make an attempt at a relationship. Not knowing much about her, I intended the relationship to be strictly physical.

    The next day, we met at school in the court yard where my friends and I would spend our mornings before the first bell. We talked for a bit and I introduced her to all of my firends. She was cordial with them but it was obvious that she was truely transfixed on me. The more we talked and hung out over the next few weeks, the more fond of each other we grew. We were rarely caught not latched together in a tight embrace. The sent of her cupcake perfume was always upon my clothes.

    Over the next month, however, I began to fall deep into drugs and she followed close behind. That's when things began to fall apart.