• Chapter 1

    "So has Max asked you to homecoming yet?" Asked Shelly Weatly to her bestfriend,of 10 years, Emma Jones. " You knows it's only three weeks away." Emma pondered why Max, her boyfriend of 8 months, hadn't asked her yet. "Mabey he is just waiting to up the suspence of asking me." Emma replied. Shelly gave her the look Emma has know as ARE YOU KIDDING ME! "Dont give me that look Shelly, you know how Max is." Max was one of the boys who took people for granted, and no one could figure out what nice,sweet, caring Emma could ever see in him. Plus as Max being a senoir and Emma a Juinor it was for them to ever be on the same social latter. As Shelly and Emma finish their conversation, that roughfully broke out in to one of their normal Im right, your wrong arrugments, Max was creeping around the corner. Shelly spots him. "Hey baby!" Emma says in her cheeriest voice all day. "Hey, theres my girl!" Max say just as happy back. Shelly rolls her eyes and says "Hey, I will see you later Emma." Emma completely ignores Shelly because she and Max Have broken out into conversation. Shelly walks away pissed. "So, listen babe," Max starts after an awkward pause,"I need to ask you something" Emma's heart starts to race like an athlete after a race. "Yes..." Max then says so cheery "Would it kill you if we broke up?" Emma's racing heart then stop almost completely that it skips a beat. "Excuse me?" She says as she feels the tears starting to well up inside her. "Yeah" Max says, " I have found someone else. Plus you just kinda let your self go." Emma looks down so she can see what she is wearing. Nope, she thinks, the same style since we started dating. She looks up again, this time tears starting to roll down her once pale cheeks, to see Max looking like nothing just happened. "Emma, dont cry. Its stupid." Emma, in shock that he just said that, smacks Max across the face as if her life depened on it. Max rubs his cheek and walks to Jessica Brooks, the new girl at her school. Emma still in shock, runs home, and all she can hear is Max's voice saying " So, Jessica, got a homecoming date?"

    Chapter 2

    As soon as Emma reached her house she grabed the phone. While in the middle of all the crying and dialing of her bestfriend, she hears her mom call her. "Emma, sweetie is that you? Can you come up here?" her mother yells from upstairs. "Yeah, mom, its me. I will be up in a sec." Emma gets back to her call. "Hello??" the vocie on the other end says. "Shelly, I need you to come over or pick me up as soon as you can, Max dumped me." Emma says just barley so only Shelly can hear her. "Okay i will be over in ten. We will go to Rosey's." Rosey's was Emma's and Shelly's favorite place to eat and they had been meeting there since they were seven."Alright." says Emma and hangs up the phone. She walks up stairs and greets her mom. Emma's mom, Bethany, was a single parnet, and it had always been that way. No one really ever knew Emma's dad, but her mom always told stories about him when Emma was little. Emma walks down the hall to her mom's room to see it full of boxes. "Whats going on mom? You packing up to make more room in your room?" "No, sweetie." Bethany continues "I have some bad news." Emma's mind races. What could her mom be thinging? "Please dont say we are moving." Emma says. "Yes, sweetie, we are." Emma mouth drops to the floor. " Are you kidding me! Were would we move! My Friends are here! Shelly is here! My Boyfr---" Emma's vocie dies down. Bethany looks at her daughter . "Sweetie, im sorry. Look at the bright side, you can start over and make a bunch of new friends."Bethany says."You will like where we are going." Emma regerting that she was going ask this but she figured she needed to. "Where are we going?" "Wilbur,Washington!" her mother explained. "Washington!?!?!?" Emma yells "Whats so important in washington that we need to leave here?" Then there was a knock at the door. "Coming!" yells Emma. She runs down the stairs and to the door then opens it. "Hey girl," Shelly says "Im so sorry i didnt stay there with you and Max. Ready to go?" Emma shakes her head yes and yell to her mom that she will be back later. Then the two girls head out the door.