• tab It’s typical to hear people admit that they are afraid of the dark, and why wouldn’t they be? Stories, movies, games, and the like have enforced the notion that darkness is something to be feared. And after all, the media spoon-feeds these thoughts to the public, so the information and beliefs must be true.

    tab Darkness bears no weapons, no dangerous or deathly abilities of its own to bring physical harm to people. If such is the case, then why fear it?

    tab Viewed in this light, it is not darkness but instead the lack of control encountered when facing that darkness that brings even the bravest people to their knees. The helplessness felt when restrained by one’s own disabilities and hindrances can be unbearable to those without the iron will to survive and the confidence to believe the survival is an option. Only in this way can they endure the foreboding darkness.

    tab Unfortunately, not everyone possesses this will and confidence, and it is these people who so often find themselves hiding in the very thing they fear – the darkness. They use it as a cover from those things they fear, so they can’t find their fears and their fears can’t find them. These people, these cowards, hiding in a veil of lies and deceit, are truly the only things worthy of being feared in the unknown that is the dark.

    tab Darkness is not the enemy, people are. Darkness is and always will be a weapon of defense used by those cowards who live in it.

    tab Do not fear the unknown, but by no means should you underestimate it.