• has anyone ever heard of Robinson Crusoe well what I had to do was take a piece of white construction paper and fold it in half like your reading a book. Then I had to make a drawing on the cover of the paper then keept the middle free. On the back I had to make some sort of design and I had to at the botom make my own summary of Robinson Crusoe. Just remember that it is 6th grade and they are teaching us how to write. so I don't know if my words of structer is good considering on how much I've improved till 11 grade.
    so here is the summary that I made of Robinson Crusoe: Robinson crusoe was stuck on an island. He had been exploring the island while he was there. He made a new friend while he was there; and his name was Friday. Fraday learned alot with Robinson. They saw some savages on the other side of the island. In your spare time you should go to the library and pick up this book.
    doesn't it sound very interesting. well I don't remember details from the book considering that it was in 6th grade reading and Im in 11th grade english.