• The pain goes through my heart like if someone stabbed it with merciless. Sometimes I feel like a stab would hurt less. My mother asks me what's wrong I always answer nothing.
    No one knows what's wrong, no one can help me, that's a known fact to me, a fact that every night I repeat to myself till I fall asleep in a already wet pillow from my tears.
    It all started with a "Hi", later on it went to a "how are u". It started from sadness, it started from sadness... regret is useless now, it's too late, the harm is done, my heart is broken and I don't believe it can be fixed.
    He was beautiful for a known fact and smart. He wasn't perfect, but he was understanding. He made me feel happy. We always had subject to talk.
    One day I said I was tired and he smiled:
    "You know? I'm good giving backrubs."
    I smiled and left him do it. He had hands of an angel, but the lips of a demon when our lips touched each other.
    I was taken by his promises of love, he made me happy, he made me feel like I was worth something, like if I was special, for the first time in my life, I knew I was special.
    He was taken then, but his girlfriend was out of town. He promised me he would make me happy, he promised me he would always love me and never hurt me, I promised the same.
    We got together more than once, we never went far but my heart already belonged to him. But she came back.
    I should have known, he would never leave her. And he didn't, he kept me as a lover but i wanted him and I asked him to chose me. But he didn't, still he promised to love me... how can someone promise to love a girl and be with someone else?
    He promised he would always love me, but he broke his promise. His girlfriend was there, the grin on her face, he looking down and than his voice, his mouth saying "I don't love you"... “Then why did you promise? You promised…” I said.
    That night my heart broke and I felt like I died. A part of me died that night, and still is dead, I walk around almost robotically, like if it was programmed to my brain, I smile when I have to, I laugh to jokes and I’m ok outside. But inside I’m dead; inside I shall never be happy again. I died and nobody knows…