• Today when i came home from school, i smelled pizza

    so i walked into the kichen and found Ian sleeping on the floor "wake up sleepyhead! the pizzas gonna burn!" i wispered into his ear
    aftyer a few trials, he finally woke up and held me in his arms
    "you know i love you , right?"
    "of corse i do stupid"i replyed

    when the three of us sat down for dinner, (Ian, Evay(his mom) and I) Evay said the most wonderfull prayer ever
    its way to long... but it told me that even through all this.. she and Ian and god were always there for me... no matter what ive done..

    now i am done... sorr its not terrible wrong... if your confused,, read my last posts... thank you ... and please look out for furher posts by me neutral