• "Need a band member, vocalist for our band Jerusalem,the audition will be at the College Activity Center, at 1:00pm" , a sign
    read by a choir member named Jeff Slash."Oh No!, It's already 12:50pm! I got to hurry up!", Jeff said while running. While running,
    Jeff saw one of the members and the lead guitarist of the band named Teddy Lee,"Are you going to the audition?", said Teddy,"Yes, did it start already?, "Nope, wanna come with me?", Teddy answered quickly, "Ofcourse! I'm going to audition as the vocalist of the band". ....... At the College Activity Center, Jeff saw the other two member of the band , JB Leon the drummer, and Clay Luna the bassist. "NO ONE IS AUDITIONING YET???!!!!", Teddy said. "No one yet Teddy, by the way who's that?", said JB. "It's Jeff, I met him at the corridor. He wants to join our band, shall we start jamming now?" Teddy said. "Ok, let's check if you're Ok for the band".

    ...........After a few hours of jamming and thinking, they've finally decided that Jeff is the vocalist of the band......They've played in many college events,outside battle of the bands, until one day,
    Someone discovered them and gave them an opportunity to make an musical album, since it's their senior year, they'd just waited for about four months until their graduation day. In that four months,they have already prepared their songs.

    ...........After several days of recording their songs, their first album entitled "Jerusalem: Trip to Jerusalem" was out with their first single "My Secret Ideas". The song has reached #1 at radio stations. The band has became famous and madeseveral concerts
    At the nation.

    ...........But, one tragic happened to the band, Teddy was murdered
    By two bystanders influenced by drugs infront of his girlfriend's house. They mourned by this tragic happening......

    ...........1986, the band was born. 1988, the band died. 2008, 20 years after Teddy has passed away ,the band was reborned with their new guitarist Francis Gem. A new story, A new beginning of the Jerusalem.