• Don't you ever wonder whats happenning to someone else in your life??
    Someone right now is dying old in there bed ,of hunger in there town ,getting killed, they can scream all they want they know there gonna die, no matter what the age of this person is, maybe its a new born or a middle age person or an old person.

    Someone right now is giving birth to a child, without nowing what he or she will become as they grow older, maybe a seral killer, maybe a rappist, maybe the new president, maybe someone who will change the way people think and act.

    Someone right now is getting mugh or rape and I can't do anything to stop him ,neither can you.

    Someone right now is falling in love, unfortunetly thats a feeling I will never know.

    Someone right now is thinking about you...does'nt freak you out?? it could be anybody...it could be a complete stranger, a friend who dreams of you at night, maybe even a brother or sister, and perhaps even your teacher or someone twice your age or lest...

    Life on this planet is pretty mysterious...don't worry about this stuff, im doing all the worrying, so all of you can sleep at night.

    Live life to the fullest, like every day is gonna be your last, because it might just come sooner then you think...