• 1. Pessimistic

    My name is Holly Jones. There wasn’t much in my life. Not really. I ate, slept, went to the bathroom…went to school, did my chores, listened to music half the time; I did anything a normal girl with purple eyes and chestnut brown hair would do. But not many people had purple eyes, right? Unless they wear contacts, but still, they aren’t very popular.
    Anyway, I have a sister. Two year difference, I’m 15 and she’s 13. I had another sister, but she got ran over a few days ago. Then, I have my 18 year old pain-in-the-butt brother. Trust me, if you were with him long enough, you’d want to rip your hair off your head.
    My parents were off on a trip to Africa, hence the fact that they liked to look at wildlife. I couldn’t see why though. Animals just made things worse. Well, to me maybe, but that’s mostly because I’m more of a pessimist.
    It was a warm, dark night, exactly what I loved. At nights like this, I would usually stay up until 1:30 A.M listening to music and sitting outside on the balcony.
    The song “Lithium” by Evanescence had just ended, when I saw a black cat, from the corner of my eye, on the side of the balcony. That surprised me. I paused my Zune and turned to get a better look at it. I looked at it for a second, and then cocked my head. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with it. Just something different about it. I just couldn’t place what was different.
    “Huh.” I shrugged and walked back inside the house. I looked at my alarm clock, it read 12:47. It wasn’t time for bed, but I was bored. I didn’t have school anyway, I could just sleep in. I went into my big walk-in closet and went to the very end of the closet to my pajamas section.
    I pulled out a drawer and grabbed my black shorts and V-neck, black and pink checkered shirt. I yawned. Tonight just wasn’t my night; I was tired at 12 o’ clock? That never happened. Boy was I out of it.
    I walked over to the bed and pulled the covers over me. I found myself asleep very quickly. And I also found myself dreaming of something very…disturbing. It was about my parents coming home from Africa, but…There was something different. They had these big, black beady eyes, and their skin was as white as bone.
    Then I woke up and yelped a bit. I looked over to the balcony window and walked over to it, making sure nothing was behind it. When I opened the window, there came the black cat, running in and jumping on the bed. I looked back for a second and then closed the window, walked back to the bed and lied down. The cat come over by my head and looked at me for a second before drifting to sleep.
    That night I had no more dreams, but I realized what was different about the cat; it had purple eyes.

    I woke up at about 9:30 A.M. I was surprised that the cat wasn’t there anymore. There was no way out; the door was closed and the window was closed, just as my closet. I pondered for a moment, only coming up with one idea: I had woke up in the middle of the night and started to sleep walk to the door to let the cat out, and then went back to bed. Only one thing was wrong with that. I don’t sleep walk.
    I went over to the balcony to see if the cat would be hiding behind the curtains. No such luck; there was nothing there but a few dust specks. A cat can’t just go through walls… I thought, walking downstairs.