• It was a cold stormy evening, with clouds as heavy as a heart in love, the sound of thunder crackling in the night sky, and two unknown figures clashing in the middle of the downpour creating sounds as loud as the thunder, the stars gasping for air in the night sky. They both lunge at each other, aiming for each others faces, defending by lunging backwards. Watching it was like watching a dance.
    "You are pretty good, shame I have to win." A man wearing black shorts and a red shirt says, charging at the other with his green eyes watching the other man's movement, cocking his arm back for a punch, momentum making it impossible to stop. He gets in close enough to see a pair of red eyes staring at him. He swings the punch but does not feel any contact on his fist, but a sharp pain in his back. The man went under the punch and elbowed the small of his back."All talk." The man with red eyes says.
    "I am not all talk, and I can still fight, for my name is George. Plus, I also noticed you are still a cub." The man with green eyes states aggressively lunging away from those blood red eyes of dispair. This time, it is Res Eyes' turn to strike, throwing a kick at George's body.
    George grabs the ankle, enduring the pain in his gut, lifting the leg and grabbing under his leg with his right arm, transitioning to his left, charging forward grabbing Red's back. "Whose all talk now?" George says, with Red eyes trying to push away. George uses his right leg to trip Red's left, slamming Red eyes on the cement.
    Red Eyes Grunts in pain while George slowly moves to Red Eyes' side, pinning him to the ground, kneeing Reds' head every five seconds.
    Red Eyes goes berserk, trying to escape, not thinking about his energy. Once Red gave George the signal by breathing heavily, and by relaxing for a moment, George goes on top of Red, punching Red Eyes in the face. As a reaction, Red Eyes rolls to his side. George lifted his left leg to where his right leg was on the ground and his right leg was holding Red in between him. Red Eyes tries rolling towards George, however George's knee stopped him, so Red Eyes rolls the other way, to his back.
    This was George's chance. George swiftly puts his left leg between Red and the ground, and as soon as Red was fully up, George put his other leg in and scooted back to where his hear was behind Red's, putting his right arm over Red's, the left one under Red's left arm clapping his hands together. Red rolls to his right, trying to shake George off, but George stays on and slowly moves his arm right on Red's neck, putting Red's neck right in between his upper and lower arm, grabbing his bicept, and puts his hand behind Red's head, slowly squeezing. Within fifteen seconds Red was passed out, after three minutes, dead.
    George lets go, Red's body falling limp. "I told you I had to win." George stated, looking through Red's pockets. He finds a wallet. "Good-bye Sean White."