• The silence that came from the place filled with nothing was thick. It was thick enough to cut it with a butter knife, and spread it onto somebody's toast. A white figure floated aimlessly around the vast, empty space. The shielded helmet hid the loud noises of breathing from the one life form that could be seen from inside of the spaceship. Kaya Bell breathed in deeply, trying to get enough oxygen to feel safe in the unobstructed area that is known as Space. She could hear the soft buzzing of her radio, allowing her to know that there were other sources of humanity out there. Hearing the electronic device boot up, she could have sighed in relief. Just as the words she longed to hear were about to sound, there was an unmistakable pull on her right side. She left out a groan of agony before gripping the tether with her left hand, in attempt to save herself from the suction of whatever it was. Before she could even try to heave herself forward, Kaya Bell was being sucked into the one vortex nobody could escape. A black hole.

    The agony felt as if her atoms were being ripped apart. The positive was being torn away from the negative. Her bright blue eyes widened in horror as she thought of the stories told to her by all of the scientists. Her full lips opened into a silent cry as she felt her body being ripped in two. There was no possible way for Kaya Bell to scream. No possible way for her to ask for help. There was nothing left of her. The soft crackling of her radio had been terminated as soon as the intense pulling factor had kicked into overdrive. In the last few seconds her body had been together, Kaya felt a silent tear roll down her cheek. The flash of a pale face had obscured her vision long enough for a small smile to grace her lips. The face was of Alexander Paul Katovits. His bright blue eyes were dancing with amusement, as a soft smile played at his lips. The dark, windblown hair was hiding his left eye in that sexy way that she loved.

    Her thoughts were sucked away from her as the agony of it all came into reality. Kaya Bell felt her silent scream grow louder. The soft humming of her radio had ceased long ago, but the noise didn't factor in. The scream started off softly and grew into an agonizingly painful noise. It was almost inhuman. As her atoms began to shift away from the core of her being, Kaya lost the will to scream. This is it... She thought silently to herself. I am about to die... Shutting her eyes weakly, she felt her muscles relax from the clenching position. Breathing shakily through her nose, she began to allow her mind to wander away from her. It almost felt relaxing to not have to think about the pain that coursed through what was slowly being ripped apart. A sharp sting shot through what remained of Kaya's leg and her mind shot back into her skull. A sharp intake of breath sounded, but she could not move herself to hold where her leg had began to feel as if somebody was stabbing her.

    Forcing herself to remove her inner mind from the unbearable pain, Kaya Bell mentally watched her writhing body from above. Her ghostly body was only a few feet away as she watched her being get ripped apart. Suddenly, the gut-wrenching pain was back. She could feel her ghostly being getting sucked into a deep abyss of the black hole. Tugging with whatever strength she had left, Kaya failed before the rest of her got sucked into the immense darkness that was a collapsed star.

    How anything could compare to the vile feeling of being slowly ripped to pieces is beyond me. Although as my body was being sucked into the bottomless pit of doom I did feel a bit comfortable. A bit as in not enough to call it luxury, but enough to say that it wasn't excruciatingly painful. I suppose at first it wasn't so bad... I mean, at least I'm alive. I could feel some part of me frown in annoyance. How could I be alive, if I just got sucked through a black hole...? I could feel another part of me purse my lips thoughtfully. It felt as though the parts of my body that were moving were far off. As if I wasn't really attached to anything, but I could still move. That part of the equation seems to hurt the head that I do not have. Or, I could have a face... But it's just not attached to a cranium. That thought seemed to hurt my non-existent head even more. Maybe I am catching an imaginary migraine. It didn't exactly help that all I can see is darkness. I'm probably blind. Or maybe, this is heaven...

    I doubt it. Heaven doesn't exactly have total darkness. Maybe, I am in between... I felt myself smile a little at that. If I was in between heaven and the underworld, wouldn't I be able to see colors, hear things, and feel where I am? The answer almost popped into my head instantly: No. It must mean that I am no longer existent. The race of Kaya Bell is no more. I could distantly feel a grimace over my face. So, maybe I wasn't nonexistent... But that still didn't explain what is going on with me. Me and my being. How corny is that? It kind of sounds like a love song. If I knew where everything was, I could probably sing it. The ghostly grimace turned into a half amused smile. Maybe I didn't even have a body anymore. Maybe it's just the feeling of all these emotions and muscles moving were mental. How else would I explain the fact that I was still thinking straight... Ish. Okay, truthfully... I was taking all of the most stupidest ideas possible, and trying to make them work in the situation.

    As the logical part of my brain and the creative part of my brain battled it out, I closed my eyes and focused on one part of my body: My hands. Attempting to make the fingers twitch was harder than I had thought. In fact, I still had not done it when I felt an odd sensation in the back of my knee. It was as if somebody was poking it gently. Probing it in case they had hurt me in some way. I didn't recall any other sensations such as that, but then again my mind was occupied by the fact that I was still alive. Well, possibly alive. The logical part of my brain was still trying to find a way around the fact that I was in a black hole and still partly functioning. The probing had seized momentarily, but started up again. This time on my thigh with more force. I tried to open my mouth, but nothing happened. The thing that was poking me was about to bruise my quad. Suddenly, it all stopped. Panic swept over me like a tidal wave. What if that thing was the only chance of me trying to figure out what was going on? I yearned to move something. Anything! Anything would work for me. But nothing happened.

    I felt goosebumps go up my arms as hot, sticky breath became my necks friend. In my mind's eye I could see some horrible monster about to swallow me whole, but the logical part said that it would be impossible. I could sense doubt, which did not make me feel any better. The breath moved itself towards my face. I could feel something hovering over me. I wished for it to just do whatever it was that it would do, but nothing happened. The feeling was still there. In fact, there was a heat radiating off of it. The heat increased bit by bit as the thing brought whatever it was closer to my face. We were probably mere centimeters away. My immobilized body felt tense, and the shallow breath that I had stopped for a few seconds. Seconds. It was only seconds, until a crashing force came down on my lips. My brain could no longer function properly. Nothing was responding. I could feel my being go down a tube of despair, into the black abyss that was, and always will be, a black hole.

    What is it...? The creature thought as it carefully moved around the body. Leaning down to sniff the thing's appendage, it made a sour face. The body smelled horrid! The creature moved it's yellow eyes up and down the body, taking in every aspect of it. The eyes hovered on the plump hills that rose and fell softly. I think it's breathing... Wanting to know everything that it could about the body, the creature moved around it again. This time, more slowly. It mainly focused on the hills that seemed to quicken and then slow down without any timing. Cocking it's head to the side, the creature traced the small lines that made up the ground with it's toe. Moving a little bit closer, the thing reached out to touch the hills in a whisper. They were soft, warm, and firm. The thing could feel something stirring inside of it, but did not know what it was. On the middle of the top of the hills were two rocks. They were brown, and sort of wrinkly. Reaching out in the same way, the creature touched them. The rocks were more firm than the actual hills, and the body seemed to react to the touch. It stirred slightly, causing the long appendages below the hills and the flat surface to open a bit.

    The thing cocked it's head to the side. Moving slowly the where the long appendages were, it reached out to touch in between them. The body seemed to like that, for it opened the long things even more. Reaching out to touch in between there again, the creature noticed that the place was soft, and warm. Running it's feeler down the body's long trunks, the thing stopped where a hinge seemed to be placed. Poking the back of the hinge lightly, the creature glanced up at where the features were placed. They were still, and very pale. In fact, the whole body was pale and flawless. The thing felt it's nerves go on edge, but it poked the back of the hinge again. Stopping without actually thinking about it, the creature moved up the trunk to the biggest part. Poking that with more force, it continually glanced up at the features in case the body showed some kind of pain. Nothing. Removing it's feeler from the trunk, the creature moved towards the features.

    Bringing itself towards the part that held the features to the rest of the body, the thing began to breath slowly onto it. What will happen... Taking a mental picture of the bumps that had risen on the body's feeler attachments, the thing moved towards the soft and luscious looking pieces that sat underneath the sniffer. ...If I just touch them... Bringing it's sniffer towards the body's own sniffer, the creature touched the luscious things with it's own. It applied more pressure than necessary, but it did not know any better. The sudden emotion that the creature felt was so strong, it had to pull away before anything bad happened.