• iAm Worried...
    Hey, this is the 2nd chapter. Most are very small, so there will probably be more chapters. Enjoi!

    "I could have sworn I saw Sam wearing this jacket today", exclaims Ms. Benson. "Now, why would it be over here?". She stands staring at the colorful purple striped jacket.

    "Sam...did you here that? She is in here right now, just feet away from the door...what should we do?", Freddie asks, puzzled and scared. He looks over at his dark blue door, and hopes his bewildered mom doesn't come knocking.

    Sam grabs him and gives him a hug. "Why are you asking me? Your the smart one!", Sam says, thinking about the 3 books she's read in her past.

    "Shh, my mom will hear you", Freddie tries to quiet Sam down. He looks into her crystal blue eyes, and realizes how much he cares.

    "Your mom is a freak!", Sam yells."Woops...did I say that too loud?".

    "Yeah, I think you did!". Freddie has a worried expression. "She already knows you were here...".

    "Hello? Is someone here? Freddie...FREDWARD BENSON!!", Ms. Benson says as he has a fit. She starts walking over to Freddie's room. She notices something on the floor, a note of some sort. She picks it up and decides to save it for later.

    "Oh crap...the footsteps...their getting closer!", Freddie whispers, "Quick, into the closet!". Freddie quickly open the closet doors and sees all the clothes Sam would make fun of him for wearing. He chuckles.

    "What's so funny, dork?", Sam asks Freddie.

    "Ha, it's nothing", Freddie replies.

    "Okay. There's no room in there for both of us, are you crazy?!", Sam yells. She begins to see all the sweater vests and dorky clothes Freddie has put aside.

    "Trust me", Freddie says as he kisses Sam on the forehead. Sam grabs his hand as they huddle into the closet trying to hear everything.

    The footsteps get closer. Freddie begins to stuff into his closet next to Sam, and closes the door. "Be as quiet as you can", Freddie softly whispers. Then, suddenly, a knock is heard on the door.

    "Freddie? Freddie are you in here?", Ms. Benson asks, "Fredward?".
    Finally, she begins opening the door, but realizes its barged. "Freddie? Freddie, what did you do to the door?! Freddie?". She peers her head through the ajar door, and sees nothing. "Freddie? Freddie, where are you?", she begins to worry.

    "Just stay quiet, maybe she'll leave", Freddie says as Sam begins softly kissing him up and down his neck. "Sam...how is this a romantic time?".

    "I'm sorry, I can't help it. It's just...right there! I had to do it!", Sam replies.

    Then, while Freddie looks back at Sam, the door closes. They both hear faint words, "Well, I guess I can check Carly's". And the footsteps trail off.

    "Ok, that buys us some time, let's get out of here!", Freddie tries to pull Sam out of the closet. He grabs her hand, which smells of ham.

    "Ahh, I was just getting comfy", Sam says. Freddie pulls her out of the closet and thinks of what to do.

    "Your too cute", he says.

    "Well, thanks, you too. You think we can get some ham?", Sam asks, licking her lips. She ponders all the things Freddie could cook for her.

    "Hmm...judging by your smell, I'd say you already had some. Plus, now is not the time!", Freddie says back.

    "Ok...well...later?", Sam asks Freddie. She begins to smirk, and Freddie kisses her. Her eyes widened, and she gives a smile.

    "Alright, I have an idea. See that window over there?", Freddie asks Sam.
    "Yep", Sam replies. "Ok, we're going to climb out of it, I have a rope that goes down to the bottom for such occasions", Freddie says as he gives a half smile.

    "Well, ok, that seems fun", Sam says to Freddie. All the while, they are still holding hands.

    "You go first, I'll meet up with you down there", Freddie directs Sam.

    "But, I don't wanna be alone down there", Sam says with a frown on her face.

    "Don't worry, you wont be for long. My mom used to take me to Mother/Son rock climbing. I think I can convert those skills to this", Freddie says.

    "Haha", Sam says. "At least that's manly", Sam thinks to herself.

    Sam puts one foot on top of the window, and then the other. Freddie surprises her by putting his hands around her waists and says, "Don't worry, I won't let you fall". Sam blushes, and continues out the window. Freddie grabs her arms as she starts down the rope, putting her hands and feet on the knots. Her heart is beating faster and faster as she goes down the rope. Freddie looks down at her, and smiles, Sam smiles back.

    "Sam?! Is that you?! What are you doing?!".


    Whose voice was that? Find out in the next chapter!
    By the way, I know these aren't great. I'm not the best writer, but any advice would be great. Thanks.