• 'Im going to paris, im going to paris yay, im going to Paris!' i chanted in my highest voice.
    July 12, 2009

    my name is Kathlyn (but everyone calls me Kathy), and im 14 years old. since its summer, my family and i are going to Paris to visit our aunt Nitashea Netasha Netashua NatashaNatasha shes had 3 heart attacks in the last four 4 months. we are all worried about her (im kinda worried about her) and excited to go to Paris. this is going to be an adventur edventure to me because i have nevered evered evered EVERED gone out of the city. and i have nevered evered evered EVERED been to an airport. so im sooo happy. right now, i feel happy, excited, worried, scared, and nervous. but mostly excited. ehh, i had always hated me aunt Natasha. she favors my little turmight sister Kylee, yeah, FAVORS. im writing in here because my mom told me to bring my diary with me to write down all the stufs that goes on. so i am she told me i should express my feelings as i go. but im not so sure how to do that. yeah, yeah. who cares if im failing inglish? exactly. NO ONE. lol, im pro at other stuff you dont have to do in a liftime. ok, i have to finish packing up now. yeah and im writing in blue pen, so if i mess something up, ya cant blaim me.
    Kathy ~ < 3

    Haha, im back. im am not going to cros out words enymore. it wase ink. im in the car right now. im looking out of the window and writing at the egsact same time.--
    SPLASH. Kylee spilled her milk on Kathlyn. it went over the diary and Kathlyn ripped a few pages out.
    [ok, im sorry. the turmight just spilled milk all over my book. and i haved to ripped pages out. ya see, Kylee isnt a sweet little sister like all your lil sister and broters. shes a ferecking muntser! shes a 5 yeer old devel. ohh myy gushh. i remembered i packed some kandy in my soot case. wait. ill go find it.