• razz

    last night.

    i was awakened by a short split-second telephone ring.
    i checked the time… it said 3AM.
    a few minutes later, i heard some faint noises at the rooftop. sounds like there’s someone up there.
    i got out of bed, i couldn’t sleep, thinking that there’s someone trying to break in.
    my phone was out of credits. my door was locked. but i was thinking he could easily pass through the other room then to the bathroom. i don’t want to make any noise. so i sat still. and i was thinking that maybe my parents heard it too and that’s the reason why they let the phone ring, just to warn me.
    then, i heard someone softly going down the metal stairs from the roofdeck. my heart raised. i lay down but my eyes and ears were sharp and alert…
    the neighbor’s dog suddenly barked. then i heard someone say “sssshhh”. then there was silence.
    i went to the bathroom and to the other room and quietly locked the door. then went back and locked every single door behind me.
    i prayed hard. i went to bed. but always woke up every now and then to check.
    i peeped through the window. i see no one… he left, i thought. so i slept again.
    minutes passed, just the time i woke up i saw the light went on upstairs, then suddenly went off… then i heard someone going down the stairs, but this time, boldly. so i peeped through the jalousie window and saw dad going down. he might have checked what was the problem upstairs, i thought to myself. so i went to bed.

    morning came… i asked dad about it, and found out that it was him all along.


    *he slept upstairs coz he had a cough and needs fresh air.
    *the phone rang coz he was calling for mom.

    …and all these time i was sleepless. wink