• Lunar was making her way to the school, seeing tall trees, long smooth gray paths, and the bright blue sky up above her. She finally reached the main office around 5pm, and she knocked on the door.
    “Yes, come in…” a man answered.
    Lunar entered, she saw the principal, spiky red orange hair, and odd piercing on his face.
    “You must be Lunar Uchiha, am I right” he questioned.
    “yes,” lunar replied.
    “Great, Welcome!!!!!, you can call me Leader-Samma,” He excitedly said clapping his hands.
    “All right, so ummm… were is my dorm room?” lunar asked shyly.
    Leader-samma pushed a small button on his desk and there came a man through the door; brown hair, brown eyes, his hair tied up, seems to be a funny guy, and about in his twenties.
    “You called,” the man sarcastically answered as he approached the desk not noticing lunar.
    “Yes I did, can you show little Miss. Uchiha over here dorm room?” Leader-samma asked.
    “OH, so this is the girl, the one I talked to this after noon!!! Right?” He said as he spun around to see lunar.
    “Yes………” she replied.
    “YAY…Call me Iruka,” he said.
    They walked out of the door, going through endless like halls until one point; they reached her “New” dorm room.
    “Here it is!” Iruka excitedly said and handed her a key and a uniform.
    “ Wow…It’s amazing,” she said and danced around the room.
    “Oh here’s your schedule!” Iruka yelled out making lunar stop her dance.
    “Oh…….Art first thing in the morning…My favorite…” Lunar drooled out the words.
    “I’ll be leaving now…” Iruka said then left.

    Lunar took off midnight of her head and placed him on her new bed. They decided to watch a movie, they did and after that they both went to bed