• 2008 has been reaping the harvest year
    for our people's champ , MANNY PACMAN
    . Let us take a peek of what happpened
    to Pacman professionally and personally last
    year. . . .

    Unfinished Business, March 16 Emerging
    Victorious by a split decission, he reaped
    his third world tittle"Super Featherweight"
    after dethroning Juan Manuel Marquez, However,
    despite of the positive reviews about Manny's
    performance, intrigues showered our champ
    but then again, he pounded those controversies
    into trash.

    Dream Match, December 6- Pacman made
    the dream match into nightmare for Oscar
    "Golden Boy" de la hoya after pulverizing him
    in an eight-round technical knockout at the
    jampacked Mandalay Bay, Hotel and Casino,
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Flag Bearer- He proudly led our delegates
    on the recently conclude Beijing Olympics.
    He was the flag bearer and indeed the inspiration
    of the PINOY's

    MANNY PAQUIAO, a champion, a hero for
    filipino people