• Ok I'm gonna tell you some ghosts stories. But unfortuneatly, their not scary.

    Ok so, when I was in my room drawing at my desk I felt someone watching me. I looked behind me and no one was there. Then that feeling went away and about 5 minutes later it came back. I looked back again and obviously nothing was there. I sat there looking at my paper. And there was no breeze or anything. So I sat there, waiting for that same feeling, but something else happened. The whole left side of my body got freezing cold. No joke you guys. I sat there terrified to look to my side because I didn't want to see anything. It sat there for at least 15 seconds and then it vanished.

    I was in my room doing the rest of my homework. It was about 11:00 at night. I was a little uneasy but tryed to ignore it as best as I could. Then in my sisters' room I hear all this commotion. I know it's not them because they are sound asleep in my room. I listened, waiting for something to happen. As I sat there I waited then after 10 seconds of commotion, I hear laughter. Not a child's laughter, not a womans laughter but a male laughter. And it wasn't any ordinary laughter, it was a sinister laughter. Which is like an evil laughter. I bolted down stairs like a bat out of hell and told my mom what I have just heard and, of course, she didn't believe me. She said "You're just tired and hearing stuff." I was so freaked out I couldn't go to sleep because I was waiting for it to happen again. But it didn't.

    So I hoped you liked it. If you didn't like it or you liked please comment. Thank you.