• Smoke wafted lazily from the end of the lit Camel brand No. 9 cigarette, as the eyes watched a happy pair kissing lightly, holding hands and smiling, looking with love as the world melted around them in love. Nothing could have been prettier than to see the two giggling and smiling in their own paradise. The heart wanted to spread this love to the whole city, to give everyone a chance to be this happy. It was decided.

    The cigarette butt was flicked from the hand, sparks leaping along dark gravel as the protagonist decided it was time to share love with the world. The lovemessenger clicked with the lovenotes as Cupid pulled his hammer and addressed the envelope. Love filled the air! The sidewalks filled with singing as the kissing couple's afternoon gained so much more meaning as the pretty princess spilled her passion into the air. The love in her prince's eyes! The adoration from everyone who heard Cupid's clang! The love penetrated right to her loving heart, the words piercing right to the center, as her prince wept, over come with this outpouring.

    Another lovenote took the air, bringing its verse to the brain of a philosopher, a lonely man who finally met the love of his life, right where he could understand it most! Everyone showered him in the love they never knew they had. Hearts were so alive! The city sang, the dancing lights brought this impromptu wedding to a peak. Oh, so much life, loving, tears, energy, just such an outpouring!

    This impromptu loveparty made the protagonist long to be a part of this worldlove. His message was just overcome by the passion of such a cold city, the outpouring of the prince, the princess, and the philosopher, so much that he longed for his own! He apologized for his selfishness, and addressed his final letters to his hearts, hands, and mind.