• It was morning and Melody was yawning her sleepiness away. " Brother its been 3 days and you still havent reaturned, i hope your remembered my birthday comming up in 3 more days." I always thought that to myself every morning. "HEY BRAT, GET DOWN HERE YOU'LL BE LATE FOR YOUR HELL OF A SCHOOL!' My mother would shout at me like that every morning.
    Besides that my brother would always lay beside me until I noticed he was there, worked like a charm.

    We were rich but my mom treated me like a a maid. But I gladly liked going to school because my Evil mother wasent there. My father died a long time ago before i was even born, but my brother, Riley, ( sorry I havent mentioned his name earlier ) kept telling me the flashbacks of when he has a memory of dad to put me to sleep.

    After i got dressed, ate breakfast, got ready, packed my own lunch, then left for school.