• Janessa, a single, young woman, was looking for a bf. She met Tony in their school.

    Tony loved Janessa as Janessa loved him..

    Janessa wanted everything!

    JANESSA: I want those! I want these, too!

    TONY: All for you, my love.

    Then, Janessa and Tony went on a date.

    Janessa cried.

    TONY: Why cry?

    JANESSA: If you really love me then you'd give me everything!

    TONY: I'd give you the whole world if I could! I'd give you the sun, stars, and moon! Planets!

    JANESSA: Then steal those jewelry without people knowing i told you to!

    TONY: But,

    JANESSA: You said you'd give me everything! The whole world!

    TONY: Okay..

    Tony stole some jewelry and came home silently.

    TONY: Here, my love!

    JANESSA: Beautiful jewelry!

    Janessa hugged and kissed Tony.

    Everyday, Janessa begs Tony to steal stuff.

    It came by time that Tony had been caught and was thrown to prison,

    Janessa visited him

    JANESSA: Tony!

    TONY: Janessa!

    JANESSA: I don't have money. I can't take you out of jail.

    TONY: *cries* It's okay.. I won't last long.

    JANESSA: It doesn't have to! Don't talk that way!

    Janessa left for home and Tony escaped.

    Tony suicide and found at the highway.

    Tony had his last words spoken before he past.

    TONY: I would give her, my life.

    Janessa learned her lessonn and will never do it again