• It was summer when me, Kate ,Jacob and Sandra talked in the tree house
    " It's summer already! we could spend more time together now!" I gleefully said..."bad news LunaMaria" Jacob said to me, " I'm going singapore and spend my summer vacation there together with my parents" he explained to me and I felt dissapointed my dissapointment was added when Sandra said
    " Can't also.. Going to Hawaii visit my grandma.." I felt sad even more when Kate spoke " sorry LunaMaria but you see I have a summerjob...sorry.." I sat on the cool wooden floor of our tree house " ok...I guess I'll be alone for 3 months.." they all nodded..after talking a little more we went all went home. The next day I came to the tree house to find it empty they have all gone to there places. I sat on the slouchy couch beside the window of the tree house, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself running in the beach with my friends. Later I heard a truck coming. I peeked to my window and saw a truck stop in front of a house that was being sold, men began carrying furnitures in. Then a family van stopped in front of the same house. I waited for a while and I saw a man come out of the van, then a lady must be her wife came out and stood next to the man, they held hands and I heard them say " finally its ours to own." my eyes caught sight of a young girl coming out of the van and run into the two couples." mummy..." I heard her say.. I was about to loose interest on them when I saw a boy coming out from the van. He was the same age as mine and he wore glasses his brown hair waved with the cool breeze. I looked at him and he saw me. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me,I felt my heart skip a beat.He waved at me and ran towards the tree house.He went up the ladder and I welcomed him in the door " hi.." he said " hi!" I said back " Im Reuff..nice to meet you..uhhmm?" "LunaMaria..nice to meet you too Reuff" I said. "Welcome to my tree house..err me nd' my friends tree house!"
    I continued " uhh..where are your friends?" he asked " they all went somewhere living me here with nothing to do...and you?" I said " as you can see we just moved here, I left my friends and now I hope you'd be my playmate for the rest of the summer.."he said and smiled..and oh his smile was so gorgeous...I felt my heart jump " of course!! yey!" I said and smiled back at him. we got to know more about eachother. he was one year older than me and we will both go to the same school but he is grade 6 and me grade 5..we played with her sister Chamille who was 4 years younger than me.
    Reuff's parents became good friends with my parents and soon we became best friends to. One sunny morning, while I was still sleeping I was awaken by someone who was throwing pebbles at my window. I opened it and saw Reuff " why didn't you just knock at the door??" I asked " I can't wait to see you again.." he said and smiled, my heart jumped as he said those words.I came down and he gave me a piece of paper... >>> TO BE CONTINUED