• ok so im at my friends katlins house(katiemama6) thats her username on gaia.
    and her bro junior (hobboboy619)username as also. neihbor is jonathan(doesnt have gaia). jonathan spaeks to junior secretly about me. later junior comes up to me and tells me jonathan likes me. im all like really well tell him i dont like him. juniors all like 'k'. jonathan comes up to me and just acts all shy and smiles starts talking about how he feels redface because junior told me.
    so im all katlin come here i need to tell u some thing. and the reasons why i dont like him is because hes a gangbanger, smokes even though hes only 10 and im only 15. katlin is too. im like katlin i cant beleive a gangbanger/smoker ikes me and hes only 10!............. sad xp