• I was just walking home as nomal , but this time i was alone no1 to look after me. No matter im a black belt in self defence ,but theres that chance of my defence won't help me aways ,my wonderful magination which made me think i'd be napped(kidnapped 4 stort) by manny thing and never heared of agian.

    I wonder sometimes what Mark does after school that stops him from walking with me .He never turns in assiments ,and aways gets to trouble . I wonder if he got expelled ,i'd die of bordom!!!

    There was a noise behind me. I turned ,all i saw was fog. I kept walking . It sound like someone was running . Where they running from someone or something?

    In 1 sec. or less i turned grabed them and droped them on the ground .
    "Mark!?" i said like opps expretion.
    "Ouch that hurt , your still thinking about that news paper you read ,huh?"

    Mark clicked to it about the disapreances ,i'm now scared 4 both of us.
    We walked and then >CRACK< we frozen in our foot steps. Mark grabed me "run" i pulled away and said " No! fight " Mark crying "Why me?Why fight?"
    "if it chaces us and caught us we can't fight as hard ,so now!"

    He didn't like much of the thought ,but it was worth a try