• Anne Frank was only six years old when the Holocaust started.
    Anne Frank was born in 1929 to Otto and Edith Frank. Anne Franks life before the Holocaust, her time in hiding, and when she was found/her death are all my main idea topics.
    Anne Franks life before the Holocaust. Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Her father, Otto, sent her mother Edith, her sister Margot, and Anne herself to go live with her mothers family. She had to wear a yellow star of David on the left side of her coat like the other Jews. She also had to be in by eight pm. Anne had a cat named Moortje. When Anne and her family went into hiding, she couldn't take him with her. Anne Franks life before the Holocaust was somewhat nice.
    Her time in hiding was difficult. Anne had Miep go back and see if Moortje was in the apartment, but Miep did not see him. Neighbors took him in and gave him a good home. Anne Frank and seven others hid in the Annex, located in Amsterdam. Anne and her family had to clear out old boxes from the former storage area in the Annex and clean it out. After they cleaned it out, they had to put away what belongings they were able to bring. Anne and her father did this. Her time in hiding was very difficult for her and for the seven others who were in the Annex with her.
    When she was found/her death. Anne wrote in her diary for the last time on August 1, 1944. Anne Frank and the seven others were captured on Friday August 4, 1944. Anne Frank died in March 1945, one year and six months after she was captured. Typhus, a deadly disease, killed Anne, she was only fifteen years old when she died. Miep said that as long as Anne's diary was read by people, that her voice was never lost. Otto Frank had someone publish her diary. Six years after the war, Otto Frank got a letter in the mail, telling him that his daughters would never be returning.
    Anne Frank was born in 1929, three years after her sister Margot, was born to Otto and Edith Frank. Anne Franks life was good, but once the holocaust started, it turned bad. Her time in hiding was very difficult for all the people who were hidden in the Annex. Anne Franks time in hiding and her death was very hard for her and everyone else who was hidden in the Annex with her during the Holocaust.