• Chapter one

    In Egyptian times, the werewolves and vampires were the gods of the underworld and blood.
    The humans were frightened of their power, but soon they fought back against the Werewolves and Vampires. After countless years of battle, the werewolves and the vampires pushed back into in the shadows, The Werewolves and Vampires went back to their dimension, but some of the Werewolves and Vampires linger on earth waiting for their soul mates. They watching the Humans destroy the world with greed, technology, development and war, the world until there was no altering.
    In a town called Alcona, it is located in Ontario. This town is a peaceful in some part of the town. Around the shoreline there is always fight and other crimes.
    One evening a girl named Sophie, she was jogging across the beach. She had earphones on her ears. Sophie death- is a high school student. She has warm deep brown similar to the rich smooth chocolate; she has warm neutral deep set and small brownish black eyes, cool classic Ivory skin, she has an oval basic face, which has no contour to her face. He wore a black tank top and red sporty shorts.
    Sophie thought ‘I better get myself fix for baseball this year.’ She tried running on sand. She suddenly trapped over something furry. She head bum her head into the sand. Sophie lifted her head and turned her head. She saw a furry creature behind her. She sat up and she had her hand over her mouth.
    “He is a werewolf.” She was frightened. Sophie stood up and looked down at that creature. She was sad for that poor creature. “Maybe, I should help him out.” Sophie kneeled down in front of him. She placed her arms around his chest. He opened her eyes and looked up at Sophie. Sophie let go of him. She walks backwards and run away with fear. He sat up and looked at Sophie run in the darkness.
    She trapped again. She had her hands on the sand. “Who was that guy?” She quashed the sand with her hands. Colby was behind her. He grabbed her shoulders and turned her onto her back. Sophie was frightened. She saw Colby was transformed into a native human.
    Colby- has warm neutral wavy black hair, a heart- shaped face, warm bronze skin and yellow eyes. he no shirt on his higher body and a torn navy blue jeans.