• "Race you", called Alice as Natalie and Alice ran around the mailbox and our drive. Those girls were always racing- Alice is an 8 year old and Natalie is 7. They are best friends and I bet the always will. All of a sudden, I hear crying, I zip my way toward the two. They collided...
    I ran inside, as fast as I could calling "Mom, Mom!" I raced I zipped speedy quick. I got there, I got to mom's study finally. "Mom?"
    "Yes, Purry", Mom said. My name was Pursia, and EVERYONE calls me Purry.
    "Natalie, and Alice-"
    "Yes, again" So, mom ran outside with ice and bandaids. I went into my room to ee my collection of butterflys, I've always loved them. And I had a pet caterpiller, and a butterfly.
    Next week, I signed up for high school... Then, my bff's Katie and Lily came over because I wouldn't go to the same school. We talked about boys, did our hair and then we went to bed. I'll alway reamember that summer.

    End of My Prolouge...