• My friend dared me to, go under our old bed. It was full of spiderd and cobwebs but i didnt want to be known as a wimp, so i did it. It had been 10 minutes up and i got out and walked into my room. I found my bestfriend kissing my boyfriend.

    Tears stung in my eyes as i pushed her out the way.
    Its not what it seams she kept saying. I told them to get out.

    The boy called her names and i compleatly blocked her. How could she?

    I was going to forgive her, but then i got some sad news

    she had killed herself, i cryed and cryed for days thinking it was all my fault.

    But then her mum showed me a letter.

    It read:

    I had to go, i wasnt welcome here
    Tell Kelly it wasnt her fault
    I didnt mean to
    It was Harry* he called me name
    I wanted to be friends with Kelly but she didnt forgive me
    I know it was wrong what i did
    Im sorry

    I knew now it wasnt my fault and visted her grave daily. One day i even thought i saw her ghost smiling looking happy.

    Im sorry Jess* for what i did to you
    i cant stop punishing myself
    Why did u have to go