• I slammed the door to my room. Hard.
    My mom was being so unreasonable. How could she possibly know how I feel?
    There was a knock on my door.
    "Honey?" My mom called.
    "What?" I snapped.
    "Could I come in?" Mom pleaded.
    "I guess." I said without any emotion in my voice.
    I sat down at my desk and opened the window.
    "Darling. I know how you feel, but it's going to be better for..."
    "No! Mom it's not going to be better! Why can't you see that?" I cut it.
    My mom sighed and ran her hands through my long, dark brown hair.
    "I want to go to dad's." I said.
    Her hands stopped dead in it's tracks.
    "Please mom?" I pleaded.
    "I guess. Let me think about it. Okay?"
    "Fine." I agreed.
    "Get some sleep. It's late."
    "'Night mom."
    "Goodnight sweetie."
    . . .
    I couldn't sleep that night. My mind kept going over everything that happened the last couple of hours.
    "Tally, honey, it's time to wake up." Mom said in a sing-song tone.
    I groaned.
    "Get up!" She commanded.
    When I heard her close the door, i rolled over and pulled the covers over my head.
    Twenty minutes later I heard my door open.
    "Tally if you don't wake up, I'll drag your a** into the frezing shower!" My older broher, Jake, threatened.
    "I'm up, I'm up." I mumbled sleepily.
    Then, next thing I knew, the covers were pulled off and I'm being carried to the bathroom.
    "NO!" I screamed.
    "I told you." Jake said.
    "JAKE! PUT ME DOWN!" I said sternly.
    Jake laughed, but softly set me down on the tiled bathroom floor.
    "Hurry up and get dressed. Mom already left for work, so I have to drive to school."
    "Okay. Hey, did mom make pancakes before she left?"
    "Nah. She didn't have time. But if you hurry we can go to IHOP or something."
    "Sweet!" I said excitedly.