• In jacksonville florida a sad little 18 year old boy went to florida state he eraned a degree but never went to colledge. His name was Eldwin.
    Eldwin was a scrony boy his parents were killed in a car acident when he was 3.Ever since he has beenliving with his foster parents were they do nothing but tease,beat,yell,cus,and starve the boy for 15 years.But when the boy tured 18 he moved out and is now living in a dark alley. He sleeps during the day and hunts at night he scavenges threw trashcans like racoons.Hoping to find a left over hamburger or a corn dog some kid was to full to eat.

    Every friday the bo leaves to go to art school he had a talen for anime.
    His art profesor mr.swanson was 48 years old and a nice young man.
    Last friday mr swanson gave elldwin a brochure to a colledge in the arts and crafts called AATT it was in virginia. That was the problem eldwin had no way to get to virginia.So the professor offerd to take Eldwin to AATT and help him out.Eldwin turned down the offer and said ''i have no way to repay u".