• A darkly cloaked man was walking down the marble halls of Castle Oblivion in The World That Never Was. He had just discovered that someone had destroyed a section of the library, his favorite spot. He had a fairly good idea of who it was too. He tried to settle his emotions but found it too difficult at the moment.

    “Zexion!” A voice called out behind him. He turned and found the oldest member of the organization approaching him.

    “Hello Vexen.” Zexion tried to sound calm but a hint of his frustration still managed to get through.

    “I just heard what happened to the library, I was hoping you could help me learn which books were destroyed so I can get them replaced.” Zexion sighed. Somewhere in his head he had been hoping that Vexen had sought him out for some reason other than the destroyed books.

    “I shall get to that as soon as I can.” Zexion told the older Nobody. Vexen nodded before turning away to leave Zexion alone in the cold, desolate hall. Zexion opened a portal, wanting to get away. He didn’t know where he was going; he just asked the darkness to take him someplace where he could relax for a while. Zexion was mildly surprised to find himself in a massive library. The bookshelves extended far above his head and even seemed to curve away. A sound caught his attention and he followed it. Soon he caught the smell of water and realized the sound was a waterfall.

    “What the? A waterfall in a library?” Zexion mused as he got closer. Soon he entered a room and found himself surrounded by waterfalls and behind the waterfalls were even more bookshelves. Somebody then bumped into him from behind and both he and the figure tumbled to the ground. Zexion looked up to find a girl who had to have been in junior high with purple hair which somewhat covered her face. She looked at him and her dark purple eyes met with his dark blue ones.

    “Sorry, I didn’t realize that someone was here.” She stated as she picked up some books she had been carrying. Zexion noticed the titles. They were books mainly revolving around magic, mystical creatures, and other things of the sort. The girl was taking carful observations of him. She noticed the entirely black outfit and the silverfish blue hair which covered his right eye.

    “You’re not from around here, are you?” The girl finally stated. Zexion looked at her carefully.

    “No, but perhaps you could tell me where I am.” Zexion replied as he took careful note of everything around him so he would be able to return.

    “This is Library Island, part of the Mahora campus. This library is filled with books from all over the world and contains multiple books with only one copy. I’m Nodoka Miyazaki, part of the library exploration club. May I ask what your name is?” Zexion looked at Nodoka. It probably wouldn’t hurt to tell her his name.

    “My name is Zexion.”

    “Just Zexion? That’s it?” Nodoka inquired. Zexion nodded before turning and walking down a hall. Nodoka merely stared after him.

    “I’m not too sure about you Zexion.” She murmured as she pulled out a card with her picture on it. She stared down the hall that Zexion had gone down, still debating what she was about to do. She finally settled on what she was going to do.

    “Adeat.” She muttered as the card was absorbed in light and became a book, Darium Ejus, her artifact.

    As soon as Zexion was sure Nodoka could no longer see or hear him he opened another portal and returned to the castle. He considered what he had just found. The library there was huge and had rare manuscripts from all over the world. He decided that the library would become the place he would go to if he ever really needed to get away. He heard boots approaching and found Larxene, the only female in the organization, was approaching him.

    “Hey Zexion! Do you need any help maiming whoever destroyed the library?” Larxene sarcastically stated as she began brushing past. Zexion stayed put making it hard for her.

    “Hey! What’s with this?!” Larxene shouted. Zexion looked up at her with a piercing glare.

    “I know Marluxia was the one that burned that section and that it was you who came up with the plan. I want to know why you decided to do it.” Larxene scoffed.

    “You may have figured that out, but do you seriously think the Superior will believe you? He’ll automatically think Axel because of the fire and not Marluxia. Besides, you spend way too much time in there, you need to relax and stop being so emo.” Larxene knew she was pushing her luck, but she couldn’t help herself, she had a grudge on Zexion for taking a picture of her in a bikini. She saw Zexion stiffen and realized that she may have just overstepped her boundaries.

    “I… AM NOT… EMO!!!” Zexion exclaimed turning on the Savage Nymph. Larxene jumped back and summoned her weapons. Eight yellow and green knifes slipped into their positions between her fingers. Zexion summoned his Lexicona.

    “What is going on here?!” A voice suddenly shouted. Both Nobodies looked and saw Saix Staring at them. His hair was beginning to stand on end, letting Zexion and Larxene know he was close to entering berserker mode. Larxene dismissed her knives.

    “Nothing, nothing at all.” She stated as she left. Saix then turned his fierce yellow eyes onto Zexion.

    “Would you care to explain this?” Zexion looked at the powerful Nobody. He quickly turned away.

    “It was Larxene and Marluxia who destroyed the section of the library. I believe this is just the beginning.” Zexion stated. Saix cocked his head slightly.

    “What do you mean, ‘just the beginning’?” Zexion looked at Saix.

    “I mean I think they have something much bigger planned.”

    Nodoka slammed the Darium Ejus shut sharply. Zexion was far more different then she had first thought. She stared at her artifact which sat in her hands. Her friends would tell her to keep reading, but she was indecisive. She was now even more curious about Zexion. The Darium Ejus had said he had opened a portal and returned to The World That Never Was, but where was that? Why was this Larxene being so mean to him? Why was she called the Savage Nymph? A million more questions raced around Nodoka’s head as she continued to sit on the bench she was on. She didn’t hear the footsteps behind her until she felt the hand on her shoulder. Nodoka yelped and turned around. It was her friend Haruna. Haruna had long dark green hair and dark green eyes. She too had an artifact. Hers was called Artificas Graphicas. It allows whatever she draws to become real. Haruna smiled at her friend.

    “Why are you so jumpy?” She inquired as she sat down next to friend.

    “Oh, um, nothing.” Nodoka stated. Haruna suddenly got a very scary look on her face.

    “Liar.” Haruna stated before putting her friend in a headlock. “Come on, you know you want to tell~ me~.”

    “Ah, Haruna! Let me go!” Nodoka exclaimed, trying to free herself from her friends grasp.

    “No way, not until you tell me.” Her friend continued. “Besides, you know the consequences of keeping things from me.” Haruna replied. Nodoka’s head was spinning rapidly now. She then made one desperate move and freed herself. She grabbed her artifact and rushed away, leaving Haruna to look after her quickly disappearing figure. Haruna let out an exasperated sigh.

    “Geez, what got into her?”

    Zexion wandered down the hall, pondering all the things that had recently happened. His view of the female persona was teetering on the edge of being changed. The only female he had ever really known had been Larxene and he was so used to her immediately being a b***h that he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that he had met a girl who seemed to be the exact opposite. He slowly entered his room and found that it was not as he had left it. Amidst all the bookshelves with books, his dull closet, his desk, a rather comfortable chair and his small bed that was crammed into a corner of his room, a figure sat on its edge. Their hood was pulled up, but Zexion could tell by the way they were sitting and by their scent, who it was sitting on his bed.

    “Hello Axel.”

    “Yo, Zexion. Please say you don’t think it was me who set the library on fire.” Zexion shook his head.

    “No, in fact, I know it was Marluxia and Larxene.” He replied. In the shadows of his room he could just barely see the smirk which darted across the other Nobodies face. Axel stood up and walked over to the smaller Nobody, lowering his hood to reveal spiky crimson hair, green eyes, and two triangular tattoos below them. Axel smirked again.

    “Look, if you ever need anyone to help you handle those two, let me know. I know you’re not a fighter, so I guess I could step in there.” Zexion could only stare up in amazement at Axel. Zexion could not recall a single time where Axel had offered to help his superiors, never! Axel looked down at Zexion, his goofy grin on his face.

    “Anyways, I have to go rain some doom upon a certain musician.” Axel stated as he left Zexion’s room. Zexion could only stare after him.

    Nodoka read in fascination. Obviously this was something unheard of where ever Zexion was. Nodoka sighed as the door to her room opened. Her roommate Yue Ayase entered. Her blue hair was parted into two parts tied off on the ends. Yue looked up at her close friend.

    “Haruna says you’re hiding something.” Nodoka sighed and dismissed her artifact.

    “It’s nothing. It was just somebody I met.” Yue nodded, realizing Nodoka didn’t want to talk about it right then. Yue secretly hoped that she eventually would though.