• Prologue

    The building was dark and the lights were very dim. I could hardly see were I was running. The building almost looked like a castle...there were little windows but they we too high to get to and there was no way out of this EVIL place.

    I was running, trying to figure out where to go. I was so scared I couldn't even find my way out or find a safe spot to hide in all I knew is that Max was out to get me. My legs were trembling and it made it hard to run.
    So many questions yet so little time like am I going to die or am I going to live? Is Damien going to save me? Will I ever get to see his face again?
    I could hear screaming in the distance it sounded like a wolf but then it sounded like a girl screaming. But I knew who it was. Max Powell. He was the worst vampire ever and also a tracker. The noise was getting closer to me; I was more terrified then ever. I was looking around and then I stopped figure out where I was it was hard to tell since it was so dark then I heard Max breathing, his cold hands touched my arm I turned around all I could see was his red eyes staring down at me. Oh no, oh no, oh no what is he doing.
    "AHHHHH..." I screamed.
    Max laughed. "You didn't think you could get away from me now did you?" He said. "Get away! Leave me alone!" I yelled. He was right behind me laughing. His cold breath hit my neck and shivers came down my spine. He put his hand on my cheek.
    "Don't think for one second that Damien can save you now." He whispered in my ear. His grip was so tight I thought he was going to pop my shoulder out of its socket. "I know he will find me I just know it." I yelled. I felt him slowly go down to my neck.
    "Really is he here right now?" He asked. "No." I was so scared. He kissed my neck.
    "To bad he is going to be too late to save his precious Vikki!" He laughed. The windows shattered and it felt like an earthquake. "GET AWAY FROM HER!"