• If your a twilight hater, dont read this. If your a twilight hater, dont read this. Ill find you.

    So, Im sure all you peoples have wondered about this question, no matter how stupid it is. What is death like?

    I really have one thing. No one can really know what death is like, only that we all face it, no matter what happens. I have my own version of what I truly think of what leaving this world is like.

    It all started with this dream. A weird scary guy with a tobacco pipe had jumped my fence and came into my backyard in the middle of the night. As he was lighting the pipe, my house caught on fire. It was all a blur after that. I remember the alarm blaring my ears and my father shouting something that wasn't audible to me. I will never be able to comprehend how hard my heart was beating - it was as if it was on fire to, or as if I was a humming bird. Then again, I didn't know I was awake.

    I was so scared and worried I couldnt get out of my bed before someting crumbled and fell on my back. It cut deeply into my back breaking it at once. I can just hear it know. I couldn't scream - my lips were held tightly together with fear. I couldn't move now, so I sat and waited for the fate that everyone gets.

    I remember my mind spinning in a million circles. Or - no - maybe it was two million. It crushed my heart to think of what my two best friends would do once they heard I was burned into ashes. Then - this is the part I remember most - the pain overwhelmed my already stirring thoughts. It blinded me completely - I didn't even realize I was burning until later. Now I screamed, pain jutting out of my mouth like waves. Everything was white, and I woke up.

    Maybe thats what it is like to die. Maybe everything just turns white after your done suffering. Is that what you would want, though? Everything just fading out into white? Probably not. But then again, no one on earth can avoid it.