• I’m so tired of people thinking that things with no cure are a joke
    That its funny to tell someone there going to die of one of them
    HIV turns to AIDS it’s a death sentence in the end
    HPV turns to CANCER another death sentence
    They live with them for years before they turn
    They signed their lives away not meaning to
    HPV doesn’t always turn but its there
    I lost my father to HIV/AIDS
    My best friend had HPV turn to CANCER
    There’s invisible chains holding me back
    From knocking people over the head for their cruelty
    Across my chest around each of my arms and wrist
    Telling myself be the bigger person teach
    Them what’s right and what’s wrong
    But isn’t that their parents job?
    If I didn’t lose my father to AIDS
    Would I be an idiot like them?
    To wish a death sentence on someone because you don’t like them
    Like that death sentence will make you feel better
    They get a death sentence because of there skin tone?
    Eye color? Nationality? Sexuality? Religious beliefs?
    Or just because they have something you don’t?
    Or just because they speak the truth and you don’t like it?
    You should be wearing shirts that says
    “I wish death sentences on people because I’m ignorant”
    Or “I wish death sentences because I’m a racist, a sexist, or a homophobe”
    My best friend can’t have kids anymore
    Is it fair for a ignorant person to have kids over her
    And raise them to be even more ignorant?
    Is it fair I lost my father to something I can’t control?
    Your ignorance is the reason we have no cure
    For so many death sentences