• If I could change anything in the world right now at this exact second, i would have to replace Obama's body guards to Chuck Norris with a bi-bi gun. He would than be a safe black president. Other things i would change include making Mountain Dew a free product in every store. I would change water fountains to mountain dew fountains. It would be free mountain dew for everybody. Thats not all though. Me and my bud Jesus would change places. He would take my position and i would become the almighty god. I would make thousands of mountain dew farms. I would create a new tree species. Can you guess? Money Trees!!! Now that would be the man. I would make all the continents one big continent. Peace would fore ever be.
    I will now list thing i would change.
    I would make clowns funny.
    I would make a video game franchise called MO copy write. (Matt owns)
    I would make Brittney Spears a guy.
    I would have wings and laser vision.
    I would have super strength and have no weakness like kryptonite.
    I would change pencils to pens, pens to markers, markers to paint, and paint to rain clouds.
    Oh and by the way, MO will be a video game franchise when i'm 30.

    If you took the time to read this please list 5 things you would change right now at this very moment.