• Life is impossible when the person you love loves another.You just have to struggle through to the end of the day, and start anew.But after awhile, you just get sick of it...you decide to make a change. Wether it is something small, like ridding yourself of a bad habbit, or something drastic, like changing the whole way you go about life, you know that deep, down inside,you are doing it to get the attention of the person you ove...and everyone else knows it, too.

    Things would be so much simpler if everybody just learned the same language.

    An object is only as beautiful as you make it seem.

    Boredom is only decent when you have someone special to share it with.

    Love is not something to define.You don't love someone based on their looks, thoughts, or even intelligence. You just love them. It is unexplainable.

    When in times of need, or embarrassment, remember: The cork will fix it. mrgreen