• these two girls have been friends forever! and one day her friend kelly went to the store with her mom. they were driven and all the sudden a car cut them off and they rolled 5 times into a ditch. the car was all smashed and kelly got thrown out of the car and her mom died in a snap. these ppl called 911 and they got her to the e.r and they did surgery and they lost her it was too bad. the damage was super bad. and katie her best friend found out she ran up stairs in her room and started to cry she lost her best friend all she wanted to do is kill herself to be with her best friend. she cryed for a long time and never wanted to come out of her room.

    THE NEXT DAY they went there funerals and katie didnt want to leave the graveyard she was so upset.about her best friends death

    about a year or two katie forgot her best friend and she got a new one name jamie and they became best friend and on grad. day the ppl said in the microphone "TODAY IS A VERY SPECIAL DAY FOR STUDENTS BUT FOR ONE VERY SPECIAL ONE WOULD BE HERE BUT SADLY SHE GOT IN A CAR ACCIDENT WHEN SHE WAS IN 10TH GRADE SO SHE IS NOT HERE TODAY TO HAVE HER SPECIAL MOMENT BUT WE GIVE THIS TROPHE TO HER DAD MIKE SHE WAS A GREAT PERSON AND WE ARE SO VERY SORRY." and katie said "omg i member her we were best friends and she died she got thrown out of the car hm she would be here if she didnt go. gosh i hate those ppl." shegot up out her chair and went to her dad and said "im sorry again about ur daughter and wife." and she gave him a hug and he said "thank u!!!!!" heart heart