• Jackie- Can yew please stop bothering?!
    What did I do?
    please just leave me alone.

    Raven- No.
    You know what you did.
    I said no.

    Jackie- Please leave me alone alone.
    I didn't do nothing to you.
    I don't even know you.

    Raven- You did do something to me.
    And yes you do know me.
    We are the same.

    Jackie- Wha-...What?

    Raven- You heard me.


    Raven- I'm you from the past.
    And maybe future.

    Jackie- If you are me....
    Then why are you telling me to kill myself?

    Raven- Because you are weak!!!!
    You always let ******** people walk all over you!!
    If you set me free I can change that.

    Jackie- I...I can't.


    Jackie- *sniff,sniff*
    How....How were you even created?

    Raven- I'm created by you.

    Jackie- But how did I do that??

    Raven- You know how you always get super mad,sad, in pain, fusterated, boyfriend brakeup, gotten backstab by your own friends???

    Jackie- Yes....

    Raven- Well, you were holding all that pain in so much.
    That you createdsomething so powerful that cannot be destored.

    Jackie- Omg.
    No. I couldn't have.
    What's the meaning of this?

    Raven- Despair.

    Jackie- Despair?

    Raven- Yes, Despair.
    Also, know as "Raven".
    My name is Raven.
    Iam Despair!

    Jackie- How...how did you come out in the first place?

    Raven- Remember, back in third grade school was finishing and there was like 3more days of school left?

    Jackie- Uhhh...oh yea!
    What about it?

    Raven- Well, one day at school at school one of the teachers told your teacher to come in there since they had A/C in there room.
    And your teacher said: Yes. blah blah blah!
    Later on your class was having fun playing games and being cooled. You and your friend were drawing stuff on the board. And out of no where this boy came and drawing you on the board. And you you got mad then punched you in the mouth making you gush out blood like crazy. You had blacked-out for 10mintues or 10seconds.

    Jackie- Oh....so that's how you were created, right?

    Raven- Bingo!
    That day you were so mad!
    You just wanted to kill and kill his mom and everybody else because they didn't do anything because it was the last day of school.

    Jackie- *Flash back memories*
    (Begins to cry)
    Leave me alone!

    Raven- Haha!!
    Come on get angry.
    I love it!

    Jackie- Please just stop bothering me....

    Raven- I'm not doing anything.
    Never have. And never will.
    The only thing that's bothering you is the flash back memories of what people have done to you.

    Jackie- *sniff*
    I'm not gonna kill myself for.
    I rather contine and hold it in.

    Raven- Ugh!!!
    Your so ******** stupid!
    You know what?
    The more you hold it in. The more stronger I become.
    One day you will burst and you wont be able to control me back in.
    I will be set free!
    And I will roar and be UNSTOPABLE!!!!!!

    Jackie- Get out of my head!

    (Falls on the floor)

    Jackie- Mmmm....ugh...

    (Gets up and sweaps the sweat of her face.)
    (Goes to the bathroom and throws freezing cold on her face.)