• The lightning trembled the house, and there I was crying in bed. I put his picture down and tried to sleep. All I could see was his face, when I closed my eyes, I got a flashback. When I opened them, I could see an illusion of him. All I could think about was him. I turned over and turned my radio on, hoping for something comforting. "Hello, to all of you couples, if you are having a hard time tonight, then call us and we can help." The radio announced proudly. Then, the tears started. I turned the radio off and turned around. I finally drifted off to sleep.....BOOM! The bomb exploded and left me bleeding. I saw someone running away from me....they weren't going to help me...but....why? I saw a girl waiting with her arms spread out...He ran up to her and hugged her. Then they turned around to face me and then they looked at each other as if to agree....He came running to me...my face lit up, I was so happy! He came up to me and kneeled down beside me...I looked up at him weakly and let out a sigh of relief...he reached into his back pocket and...he got something....I heard a click...then he set something beside my neck...then he ran so fast...I never knew he could run so fast! He ran to the girl and grabbed her and they ran...BOOM! The bomb exploded....I woke up....sweating...I looked around my room as if to find something. "Just a dream, you idiot," I said to myself. I got up and got dressed and went downstairs. I went into the kitchen and ate some cereal then grabbed my backpack and flew out of the door. I was running so fast! I passed his house, along the way, I didn't even dare myself to look at it. When I walked up to the school, out of breath, everyone was looking at me. I blushed and ran into the hall and walked up to my best friend...my only friend...
    "Beth, how could you?!" She yelled at me.
    "What?! What did I do?!" I said almost in a whisper.
    "Don't play dumb with me! You idiot!" she whispered back in a hurry.
    Tears were running down my face so fast my vision was a blur.
    "Ray told everyone that you hit him with a metal bar..." She said and then looked at me and realized everything.
    "Susan, I didn't do anything. He broke up with me because he 'Found Another Girl' and then he left. Why would you believe what he said?! I thought you were my best friend!" I said with such anger my voice shook.
    "Beth...I didn't know...I don't know why I believed that....I'm so sorry...please forgive me...can we call it truce, again? I'll never believe such a thing again...I promise..." She said, her eyes gleaming with tears.
    "You better keep that promise, Susan..." I said and walked away clearing my face up. Then, what I dreaded all night long, I saw him walking down the hallway straight towards me. A girl came up beside him and gave him the kiss of his life. I lost control! I couldn't help it! I dropped my bookbag and ran up to him and kicked his no-no spot so hard he screamed like a girl. I picked up my bookbag and went to class and that was the end of that matter. He didn't tell because he knew that I would kick his sorry little butt more is he did.


    It was so hard going to school. All I could think about was him. A new kid is in my class...he's really cute...he sits beside me in all of my classes because no one dared to sit by me. He is so nice and sweet. He actually called me pretty, once. I blushed for the rest of the class. Two weeks passed with me and him sitting by each other and I realized that I had feelings for him...
    "Hey...um...I suck at History...um...can we make like a study-date and you maybe help me, some? I...I am not very romantic in words...sorry..." He said, one day in a whisper.
    I giggled at that. "Yeah, how about Bleezie's Resturant? Do you know where that is?" I asked, I looked him in his eyes, oh, his eyes were so beautiful. A green with a touch of blue...and a little hint of brown...I envied his eyes, they were so beautiful!