• "Mm Lennex?" I look around our room and it is silent.
    The phone rings and breaks the silence. I pick it up and say, "Lennex?"
    "I'm sorry for your loss. On his way to work he got into a car crash." The person said.
    "What are you talking about? He's alive, don't lie to me."
    the person doesn't say anything and i hang up the phone. I turn on the T.V.
    "This morning there was a huge car crash. 100 people died and 50 people were injured. Here are the list of the people who died."
    I saw your name and I turned off the T.V. I lie to myself.
    "This is all a lie He isn't dead. They are lying to me. I know it."
    I look around our house and i don't find you. I look around the town, our favorite spots, and our special place. I still didn't find you. I walk slowly to the hospital. They told me you died in the car crash. I start yelling at them and they try to stop me.
    "Your lying! Let me go! I know he's alive." I run out of the hospital and i see medics pushing dead and injured people. I see you and i run over to you. I start to cry.
    He's dead he's actually dead. This can't be true.
    I run back to our house and lay on our bed. I grab A knife and i cut myself. I finally faint form blood loss.

    I wake up again but this time you are next to me. I try to wake you up but you lay there asleep. I cling to you tightly and you finally wake up.
    "What are you doing?" You asked.
    "I love you please never leave me."
    You say alright and hug me. We fall back asleep and the same nightmare happens again. I wake up and I'm crying. Your there with me but it feels like your not. The nightmare keeps happening whenever i fall asleep.
    Are you ever going to save me?